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Personal Coaching

One-On-One interaction keeps the focus on your unique story, your idea, your message. During ten hours of coaching your story will unfold as you build your narrative in a way that resonates, and engages the audience.

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Define the essence of your story

Why you are passionate about it

Why the audience cares about it

Identify the assets of your story

Ten Hour


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Crafting a narrative with impact

Presentation and speaking style

Rehearsing and refining the talk

A final rehearsal and next steps

Group Coaching

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Speaker Adventure

There are seminars that speak about how to give a great talk, and coaching sessions that will help you craft your talk via phone or on video chat, but Speaker Adventure is all of that and much more as 6 participants work through the development of their talks with live feedback & rehearsals. On the final day each speaker tells their story on stage, and their talk is recorded on video.

Advanced coaching sessions

  • Define your idea or topic
  • Build a narrative structure

2 day retreat in group format

  • 6 attendees in the group
  • Learn presentation skills
  • Coaches provide live input
  • An edited video of your talk
  • Followup coaching sessions
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