Fabricating - to skillfully produce something

to create something by skillful means

Truth - the equation of things and intellect

a fact or belief that is accepted as true

“Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.” – Tim O’Brien

“Facts and truth really don’t have very much to do with one another.” – William Faulkner

Do you have an important story to tell, but need help on the structure and narrative?
Our coaching programs can lead you through the process of telling a story with impact.

“Mark Lovett’s speaker coaching was one of my most transformative and life changing experiences.
He helped me find my voice, connect to an audience, and craft a message that went beyond my wildest expectations.”
Regina Bernal, Entrepreneurship Manager, University of San Diego

“Add life coach to your resume. Your skill in helping craft an idea worth sharing is remarkable,
but your understanding of the human condition is a life changing power.”
Tim Reynolds, Partner, Family Video

“Mark Lovett is a very skilled teacher and mentor of storytelling and public speaking. I would recommend his programs to anyone who wants to learn quickly and develop strong speaking skills. Mark taught me an easy method that allows me to summarize very intimate details about life purpose and personal epiphanies into concise 20 minute impactful presentations that focus on what people like and need to hear to inspire them.”
Angie Swartz, Founder, Life Purpose Advisor

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